Nutrigenomics 101


Nutrigenomics: The science of how genes and food interact. 

Nutrigenomics is a cutting edge science that studies:

  • How the foods that we eat interact with our genes

  • The role that our genetic code, or DNA, plays in determining our individual nutrition needs

Thanks to nutrigenomics, we are now able to assess how well our bodies metabolize different nutrients and other food molecules, such as gluten and lactose. With this information, we can now design a diet that is individual to each person and tailored to our specific needs, as determined by our genetics.  

The ‘Gene’ and ‘Health’ Connection 

Ever wonder why one person can guzzle coffee from morning until night, and then slip into bed for a restful night’s sleep, while another gets jittery from just a small cup? Or why some people can live until 90 with no health problems, while others end up with high cholesterol in their 20s? The answer, dear Food Lifers, is genetics.

Genetics determine and influence many factors in the body, such as eye colour, the likelihood of getting certain diseases, and how nutrients are absorbed and broken down. By testing and understanding a person’s individual genetic code, we gain new information about that person’s tolerance to certain foods, vitamin and mineral needs, and other metabolic processes such as insulin resistance, protein absorption, and breakdown of fats. When we understand a person’s genes, we learn in-depth information about how a person’s body functions. Using nutrigenomics, we can use this knowledge to make personalized nutrition recommendations that are truly individualized.

Healthy Eating for Your Genes – Knowledge is Power

By understanding our genetic profile, we can make smarter lifestyle choices to live a healthier life. Your personalized nutrigenomics report will give you information about why you prefer the foods that you do (many of our tastes are determined by our genetics), vitamins and minerals that you may need more or less of, and what foods to include as part of the healthiest eating plan for you. Knowledge about your DNA can also provide you with information on how to best prevent diseases and ensure lifelong health.

Interested in nutrigenomics and other health-related genetic testing? See my nutrigenomics page for information on what tests and services I offer.